A great deal of knowledge is required to detect names as such, and to analyze them in detail. Much of this know-how can be written down as rules. In addition, a lot of information can only be stored in databases.


The syntax of an arabic name => rule definition
Peggy is a short form of Margareth => database
Ismailova is a feminine surname combining a Muslim given name and a Russian suffix => rule definition / database

We use an integrated approach which provides the best results: an expert system.

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In the 70s, many German women started keeping their maiden name when marrying, combining it with their husbands name using a dash. Thus, "Eva Bürger" might become "Eva Gutbier-Bürger". Now that women no longer feel the need to show with their name that they are emancipated, this practice has become less popular. Most now choose to just use their husband's family name.
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