The NameProfiler server software suite is being developed with Java 6. Key data:
  • Standalone: It's a "standalone" application (J2SE) with integrated web server to allow access by web service (Jetty).
  • Spring-based: cutting edge technology with Spring 3 as the base. For dependency injection and AOP. Mostly annotation-based.
  • Data: Hibernate as ORM for data loading.
  • Cache: ehcache as a flexible, scalable caching solution that is also externally configurable.
  • Maven: maven multi-module project for abstraction and dependency management.
This allows for simple integration of custom functionality by implementing predefined interfaces. Specific customer requirements can be added quickly.

There are 3 ways to access the functionality:
  1. Connect to the web services from NameProfiler.
    • For all programming languages: traditional web services.
    • Only for Java-Apps: using the Java client library provided by NameProfiler. It connects by web service or Java RMI at your choice.
  2. In-house server: install and run the server software on a machine in your company. The way of connecting is the same: web services and RMI.
  3. Use Java classes directly in other software by integrating the JARs. This is only possible for a small amount of the functionality since most features are implemented by services with dependencies.
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There are around 500,000 distinct German family names.
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