Does your business revolve around news and information? If so, then relationships are your bread and butter.

Every day we analyze hundreds of articles from the international press in 17 languages, looking for names. Problematic cases are reviewed manually. New rules and exceptions are defined on a daily basis.

We identify and collect the following information:
  • Personal names (Bill Gates, Steffi Graf)
  • Place names
    • Countries
    • States/Counties
    • Cities/Towns/Villages
    • Place Names (Madison Square Garden)
    • Regions (Scandinavia, North America)
  • Organizations (Microsoft, Phillips)
  • Products (Nintendo Wii, Ford Mondeo)
  • Events (ex. Euro 2008, CeBIT, Tour de France)
In addition, we check for translations, alternatives, and incorrect spellings.
  • Steffi Graf, Stefanie Maria Graf, Stephanie Graf
  • Alexander Litvinenko, Aleksandr Litvinenko, Alexandre Litvinenko, Alexander Litwinenko, Alexánder Litvinenko, Alexandr Litvinenko, Aleksander Litvinenko ...
  • Zürich, Zurich, Zurigo
The focus is on personal names.

Examples of use

  • Recommendations for related articles
  • Lists of people mentioned most often based on user-defined criteria such as time frame, location, language, etc.
  • Spell checker with auto correction, alternative spellings

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