Name Genderizer

The Name Genderizer determines the gender of personal names.

A name by itself doesn't always identify the gender of its owner. Geographic and language information helps improve the results. Also census and birth statistics are taken into account.


Andreamasculine in Italian, feminine in German
Jamiemasculine in Scottish, more feminine in English
SashaMale only pet form of Aleksandr in Russian, mostly male in Europe, more female in the USA.

In different cultures, various parts of a name can specify gender.

This software is available as a web service.

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With Romanian names it is hard to tell which is the given and which the family name. Most names - for example Gheorghe or Radu - can be either. Before Communism, the writing order was firstname lastname, then it was changed to lastname first for 40 years, and now it is switching back again. So what we have now is a complete mix-up.
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