The NameProfiler software tools are designed in a modular way and can be used alone, in combination with each other, or together with third party software.

NameProfiler Software Tools

Name Genderizer:reveals the gender of a person
Name Parser:identifies and extracts parts of personal names
Email Name Parser:extracts names from email addresses
Name Matcher:compares names and identifies duplicates
Name Extractor:extracts names from text documents
Name Profiler:enhances names with related attributes
Name Validator:checks the correctness while capturing data
Name Formatter:formats names in the correct case
Name Variant Generator:lists variants for names
Name Searcher:finds people in existing databases

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With Romanian names it is hard to tell which is the given and which the family name. Most names - for example Gheorghe or Radu - can be either. Before Communism, the writing order was firstname lastname, then it was changed to lastname first for 40 years, and now it is switching back again. So what we have now is a complete mix-up.
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